Altair III. blood pressure regulator


Bio-energy transfer technology that balances the Yin-Yang’s energy

Altair III is an externally applicable tool for controlling high blood pressure, based on the treatment of acupuncture meridians used widespread in Chinese medicine, and an advanced technology for transferring bioenergetic waves.

Western medicine teaches, that hypertension is caused by the disturbances of the central nervous system. As a consequence, smaller arteries are spasmodically contracted in the human body, thus vascular resistance is increased, blood flow is decelerated, that is the blood pressure increases.


Traditional Chinese meridian theory is based on investigations of biological energy waves and their functions. Bioenergy makes the main and side channels of the human body traversable, normalizes energy levels, controls stimuli transfer barriers in the central nervous system of the human body, reduces peripheral vascular resistance, supporting thus blood circulation. Forms the normal conductance of blood vessels, nerves and nerve centers, maintains the lifesome circulation of blood and energy, reduces high blood pressure into the normal range and keeps it there constantly, and additionally reduces the disadvantageous effects of high blood pressure on the internal organs.

Today we live a busy life, and beside the many tasks and obligations we hardly can spare any time to care about our physical and mental harmony. The consequences are various disturbances and illnesses that may emerge in the human body.Based on the meridian theory, Altair III may help to restore and harmonize the disturbed Yin-Yang energies.

Important information

Precautionary calls for usage

  1. Before using the appliance, please read the instructions carefully, find exactly the acupuncture points and correctly secure the operating head.
  2. Do not rotate your wrist during usage, as the head can slide.
  3. If you want to measure your blood pressure after treatment, take it 30 minutes after treatment, avoiding eating, smoking, and water consumption, so that they do not affect the accuracy of the measurement.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable during treatment, such as dizziness, it may be traced back to excessive fall in blood pressure, so you should stop the treatment immediately.
  5. During treatment, be aware of the lifestyle and eating habits. Keep your moods cheerful and relaxed.




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