Terms and conditions

General Terms of Agreement

We thank you for entrusting the Victoria Oriental Culture & Health (hereafter Victoria firm, as Provider) operated https://havasilotuszbetet.hu/en website and webshop (hereafter webshop) within with your trust.

Please, if you wish to become a costumer or an active user of the webshop, carefully read the Victoria firm’s General Terms of Agreement and only access the services if you agree to every point in the terms and take full responsibility for everything held within it. This document is not getting enacted, it’s exclusively concluded in electronic form, can’t be retrieved later and it does not refer to a behavioural codex.

For detailed use of the webshop, the general process of ordering and delivery and information about registering, please refer to the „Guide about using the Victoria firm operated website’’ found under the specified link at https://havasilotuszbetet.hu/en.

General Terms of Agreement for using the https://havasilotuszbetet.hu/en webshop:
1. Proper law
2. The signatory parties
3. Goal of the GToA
4. Language of the GToA
5. Factual, territorial and temporal scope of the GToA
6. Approval of the GToA from the contracting party
7. Requisition of the webshop services
8. Formation of the contract
9. Rights and responsibilities of the commissioning party
10. Data security, protection
11. Revision of the GToA
12. Closing provisions

1. Proper law

The webshop’s General Terms of Agreement contain the general conditions of the contract between the Commissioner and the Provider. Regarding anything not specified by the current GToA, please refer to the all-time effective hungarian laws, specifically:
– law of 2001. CVII about questions regarding electronical trade services and
informational society services;
– law of 2011. CXII about the right of informational autonomy and freedom of
– law of 2013. V about the Civil Code (hereafter: new CC);
– edict of 45/2014. (II.26.) about contracts between distant parties
These ordainments are authoritative even without being pointed out specifically.

2. The signatory parties

Operator of the webshop: Victoria International Trading Group Kft., as Provider:

Headquarters: 1085 Budapest, Csepreghy utca 2. fszt. 1.
Tax number: 23958447-2-42
Trade registry number: 01-09-986506
Contract’s language: english
Manager: Dr.  Weiya Teng
E-mail: infovictoria888@gmail.com
Telephone: +36305978589

Orders submitted through the webshop qualify as electronically concluded contracts (edict of contract made between distant parties: 45/2014. (II.26.)).

Concerning questions about the webshop’s functions, ordering and delivery processes, the Provider is at your service during workdays between 8 am and 4 pm, primarily through e-mail (infovictoria888@gmail.com).

2.1. The Commissioner
The legal or simple person who makes use of the webshop services, such as ordering, buying or registering on the site. Henceforth referred to as Commisioner.

2.2. The Carrier
The delivery from the Victoria firm’s headquarters in the Netherlands to Hungary is done by a separately assigned carrier. The ordered products within Hungary
are delivered by the Hungarian Post Office to the specified addresses.
Following the ordering of the chosen products on the webshop, the confirmation contains the gross and delivery price of the ordered items in both english and

3. Goal of the GToA
The goals of the GToA specified by the Provider are to regulate the following in detail:
-The conditions concerning the services of the website and their use;
-The contractual rights and responsibilities of the Commissioner and the Provider;
-Any other circumstances relevant to the webshop service.
4. Language of the GToA The contract’s language: hungarian, english.
5. Factual, territorial and temporal scope of the GToA
5.1. Factual scope
The GToA extends to:
– all “electronic trade services” which the Provider grants to the Commissioner through the webshop service; in addition
– thereunto connected to the rights and responsibilities of the Provider and Commissioner; in addition
– all relevant parameters to the operation of the webshop.
5.2. Territorial scope
The GToA primarily extends to the hungarian electronic trade services.
5.3. Temporal scope
The GToA and all it’s modifications on the webshop’s homepage by it’s Provider are in effect from the moment it’s publicized till the Provider revokes it or the GToA is modified. The GToA stays in effect as long as the Provider grants the webshop service.

6. Approval of the GToA by the Commissioner
Approval of the GToA by the Commissioner is a prerequisite to the webshop service.

The Commissioner taking part of the services, submitting orders on the shop’s website, registering themselves or marking the heading about the recognition of the GToA on the website’s surface all qualify as approval of the terms. If the Provider modifies the GToA after the Commissioner’s last login, they notify the Commissioner about the changes at their next purchase, then the Commissioner has to accept the GToA again before submitting any new orders.

7. Requisition of the webshop service
The Provider grants the Commissioner webshop services according to the terms below.
7.1. Territorial scope of the webshop service:
The webshop service primarily extends to hungarian electronic trade.
7.2. Required raw data for ordering
Must choose the suitable country, means of delivery and payment in every instance.
Personal receiving point in Hungary:
1085 Budapest, Csepreghy u. 2
In addition, you need:
– Name of the Commissioner: company name. Surname and forename in case
of individual;
– Detailed adress (country name, city, street name, street number and zip
– Valid e-mail adress;
– Valid phone number;
– Recommender’s code (in case someone recommended the purchase).

7.3. Required data for the delivery and billing of the commissioned products:
– Delivery data if they differ from the data previously given and the takeover of the goods isn’t happening in person.
– Billing data: name, city, zip code, street name and street number if they differ from the previously given data.
7.4. Requisition of the webshop service
7.4.1. Submitting orders is solely avaliable through electronic means, on the webshop located at https://havasilotuszbetet.hu/en. The Provider does not accept any other forms of order submitted ont he website by the Commissioner.
The price displayed next to the product is the given item’s gross buying price which already includes the purchase tax, however it does not include the delivery price to and within Hungary which is included in the corfirmatory e-mail and the bill written in english and hungarian;
7.4.2. If, despite all diligence, a product’s price is displayed incorrectly – especially in the form of obvious typos, significant differences from the general purchase value of the product or prices displayed by system errors, – then the Provider is not forced to deliver the ordered product at the incorrect price, instead they notify the Commissioner and offer the delivery at the correct price. If this does not suit the Commissioner, they may refuse the agreement.
7.4.3. The displayed prices do not qualify for an immediate quotation. The Provider takes no responsibility for the possible losses from typos.
7.4.4. The photos found next to the items are symbolic photos, their packaging and appearance may differ from this.
7.4.5. The Provider takes no responsibility if the ordered item is not suitable for the Commissioner’s purposes. It is the Commissioner’s responsibility to make sure the product suits their needs. The Provider maintains the right of partially or fully refusing already confirmed orders if the Commissioner notifies the Provider that the product does not suit their purpose. The Commissioner may do this for up to 2 days after the confirmation but before the start of the delivery.
8. Formation of the contract
8.1 General features:
The contract is made through purchase on the webshop operated by the Provider, by accepting the current terms of agreement.
Registration is not a requisite for shopping in the webshop. The Commissioner may freely browse, put items in their shopping cart or order from the offered products without registration.
An order is created when the Commissioner approves of the GToA and the order in it’s final form, then accepts it in it’s designated heading and submits it to the Provider through the internet.
The Provider sends the Commissioner an e-mail to the given adress in a referable form as a confirmation to the order which includes the data of the commission, product and delivery prices.
The Provider maintains the right to verify the validity and interpretation of data in orders, then delete them through verification, rendering the submitted order invalid.
The Provider does not register the agreement, it does not qualify as a behavioural codex.

8.2 Registration
The Provider maintains the right to offer the opportunity of registration to the Commissioner above a certain price treshold with regards of future shopping at a discounted price.
The Commissioner only has this opportunity at a discounted purchase if they registered at the site, accepted the GToA and only at their next purchase if they go over the minimum price treshold.
8.3. Ordering and purchase following registration The registered Commissioner can only submit an order for a discounted purchase after they log in with their user name (e-mail adress) and password.
The commission is finalized when the Commissioner receives the comfirmatory e-mail about the discounted purchase, delivery price and the approval of the order.

9. Rights and responsibilities of the Commissioner
9.1. Right of withdrawal by the edict of 45/2014. (II.26.).
In practice of the right of withdrawal the Commissioner must bear the cost of returning. Packages returned with cash on delivery are not possible. The Provider lays claim to compensation for damage caused by the incorrect application of products.
To avoid conflict, the Provider makes a video footage or takes photos of opening the package. The Provider only pays back the full purchase price of the item if it’s unharmed, it’s packaging is whole and if it’s cost is not decreased.
The Commissioner can’t excercise the right of withdrawal with products that can’t be returned due to their nature. This is noted on the product.
The Commissioner may cancel their order simply and without responsibilities through contacts with the Provider as long as the Provider didn’t turn the item over to the Carrier for delivery yet. For questions not regulated here, the Civil Code and the 45/2014. (II.26.) edict about contracts between distant parties are authoritative.
9.2. The Provider’s potential loss
If it turns out that the returned product was damaged and that this damage was caused by incorrect application/use, then the Provider may demand compensation for the value loss of the item from the Commissioner according to edict number 45/2014. (II.26.).
9.3. Warrant
Upon incorrect fulfilment the cost connected to the validation of warranty rights are the Provider’s responsibility.
9.4. Observations, complaints and trade warranty The products get sent to the Commissioner at the designated adress in unharmed condition and in their original. In case any damage is found on the package, then the Carrier must pass the product over to the receiver and record it on the spot if asked.
If any difference is experienced between the delivered and billed items or perhaps damaged products are found in unharmed packaging, please report this immediately with an e-mail to infovictoria888@gmail.com.
If the product wasn’t damaged during delivery, notify us with an e-mail and send the damaged product back. As soon as it arrives, the Provider will replace it without charge. The Provider pays for the delivery price of the unharmed item but it’s up to the Commissioner to get the damaged item back to the Provider’s hungarian receiving point.
The above observations and complaints are similar in the case of a personal receipt.

10. Statement of data security

The Provider treats the personal data of the Commissioner given during registration or purchase according to the terms specified by the 2011. CXII. laws about freedom of information and the right of informational autonomy. According to this, the personal data is handled with the Commissioner’s voluntary approval, who is informed in advance (base right/claim of data management).
The data is used by the Provider exclusively for granting access to the webshop services and if approved of by the Commissioner, for the Provider’s own promotions, ads and newsletter sent due to electronic advert campaign (data management goals).
The Provider does not share the Commissioner’s personal data with any third party other than the company tasked with delivery.
The Commissioner acknowledges that the supplying of data is voluntary and they gave their consent out of their own volition for an unspecified time that they can always cancel it in writing. Because data transfer worldwide through the internet is done without encryption in the current circumstances, the Provider can’t guarantee that noone unauthorized may access the data sent to the servers.

By pressing the Registration or Order button,the Commissioner irrevocably and unconditionally claims that they have read, understood and accepted the GToA and
the prospect about data security within as mandatory for themselves.
10.1. Revision of personal data
The registered Commissioner may change their personal data at https://havasilotuszbetet.hu/en on their datasheet after logging in.

11. Revision of the GToA
The Provider maintains the right to fully or partially change the GToA.

12. Closing provisions
12.1. Termination of registration
Cancelling registration can only be done by sending an e-mail  to infovictoria888@gmail.com.
The Provider maintains the right to cancel the registrational agreement on their own if the Commissioner does not comply to the current terms of the GToA.
12.2. Responsibility
The Commissioner takes full responsibility for every order where their unique ID is used up for a discounted purchase. For this reason, the Commissioner takes good care of keeping their ID a secret. This reponsibility of the Commissioner is not relevant if their ID gets compromised without fault of their own.

From Budapest, 2018. July 1.
Victoria Oriental Culture & Health

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