Gynecological problems, infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses or fungus or other single-celled organisms. While Western medicine is fighting against pathogens (using anti-viral drugs and antibiotics), traditional Chinese medicine approaches the disease by looking at energy, blood flow, Yin and Yang equilibrium.

The disruption of internal energy balance, over-or under-performing organs strongly influence that how sensitive we are to certain diseases. These are characterized by the overactive liver function, and the typical underperformance of the kidneys and the spleen. As an example, according to Chinese medicine tiredness and lethargy during the climax suggest that kidney yin (jin) is incomplete.

Liver overactivity, fire in the liver

It can be triggered by a lot of stress, serious nervous stress, unprotected emotional burdens, etc. Physical symptoms include: the face color is red; hypertension; burning, red eyes, unpleasant pressure may occur in the eyes, may appear photosophobia, tearing; sharp writhing headache; trouble sleeping; painful menstruation with strong bleeding; yellowish flow; constipation, bloating.

The underperformance of the kidneys

The energy poverty of the kidneys may be hereditary, but it can be caused by stress and its even a characteristic at an old age. Physical symptoms include: cold limbs, hair loss, wrinkling and dryness of the skin, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis, loosening of the teeth, reactions, slowing of thinking, fatigue, forgetfulness, loss of sexual desire, irregular menstruation, loss of immunity to the immune system.

The underperformance of the spleen

It can be triggered by the digestive system’s overload, excessive mental fatigue.

Physical symptoms include: prolonged menstrual bleeding, constant dilute, plenty of white discharge, lighter obesity, slower metabolism, sleepy fatigue.

Because of the ineffective functioning of the three organs listed above, toxins accumulate in the body and may also cause gynecological problems. One of the most effective treatment methods is to remove these toxins from the body. The active ingredients in the Victoria pad family are penetrated through the sensitive, blood-tight dermal skin of the external genital organs to remove toxins from the body. This method effectively helps to eliminate the accumulated toxic substances due to inadequate functioning of these organs. It especially has a beneficial effect on the ovaries and it protects it against inflammation. It restores menstruation, eliminates bleeding, “warms up” the uterus, and it improves the uterine contraction ability.

The background of gynecological problems

China has a great tradition of using herbs. One of the most effective herbs is the Havasi Lotus ( Snow Lotus). This plant blooms in the Tibetan Mountains, thousands of feet high. It was used in the treatment of gynecological diseases even during the time of the Chinese Empire.

Why is the Victoria pad unique?

  • Detoxifies, anti-inflammatory.
  • It can protect against bacteria, fungus, trichonomas, viruses.
  • It can stop stubborn, difficult to handle vaginal discharge,
  • It can contribute to the prevention of gynecological problems.
  • It can eliminate unpleasant smells.
  • It can set irregular menstruation.
  • It can eliminate painful menstruation,
  • It can prevent unpleasant symptoms of the climax.
  • It gives a fresh, pleasant, cool feeling.
  • Its effect on the ovaries is rejuvenating, it has a skin rejuvenating effect,
  • It stops hair loss.
  • It is simple and convenient to use.

The Victoria pad family includes a variety of herbs, it is 100% cotton, does not cause irritation.

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