Energy Vital


90 capsules.

Energy enhancement for everyday life
Contributes to increasing men’s energy, fighting physical fatigue, increasing libido, and strengthening the immune system.

The capsules in the box is sufficient for 1 month.

Recommended dosage: 3 x 1 capsules daily, taken with plenty of liquid before meals.

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Keep out of the reach of small children.

The product does not replace a balanced mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle!

Store in a dry, cool, sunny place.


  • Cordyceps mycelia extract 200 mg
  • Rhizoma polygonati extract 450 mg
  • Astragalus root / Radix Astragali extract 700 mg


Cordyceps mycelia

Among its many beneficial ingredients, its lipid content is nearly sixty percent, consisting of unsaturated fats and over forty percent of saturated fat. The Cordyceps mycelia is rich in proteins, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidant polysaccharides.

It contains amply zinc, magnesium, potassium and manganese which play a physiologically important role in the development and healthy functioning of the gonads. The Cordyceps mycelia is a real vitamin store, with vitamins B, vitamin E and vitamin D.

The Cordyceps mycelia is an excellent immune enhancer that enhances the effectiveness of natural defense mechanisms. In the case of infertility and decreased libido, both sexes regulate hormone production and adjust the appropriate hormone level. It enhances the function of the kidneys and the liver, the resulting detoxifying effect.

It has antibacterial properties and supports the production of red cells by iron content and eliminates anemia. It regulates the amount of adrenal gland hormone as an antidepressant and suppresses the formation of dopamine and serotonin degradation oxidase.


Rhizoma polygonati

Active Ingredients: Polygonate Rhizoma contains glucokinine, saponins, mucous membranes and a glycosidic effect similar to a digitalis.

It is also proven effective in cardiac, diuretic and diabetes. It is used by men and women with a particularly beneficial physical and mental strengthening effect.


Astragalus root

The ingredients include glycosides, amino acids, sterols, mucus, unsaturated fatty acids and a polysaccharide which is responsible for stimulating the immune system.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the energies of the spleen, the kidneys and the lungs are strengthened. It strengthens the Qi, raises the lowered yang, strengthens the body’s energy, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, and cures edema through urinary tract. It helps to recover post-disease in both physical and mental terms, by stabilizing and strengthening.

It has a beneficial effect on blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

By stimulating blood circulation, the plant also has an aphrodisiac-like effect (Aphrodisiacs are substances that, according to beliefs, stimulate sexual desire and sexual activity). It has a beneficial effect on male potency and prostate function, it has a beneficial effect on sperm volume and activity. In women, the Astragalus root regulates the function of the genitals in the presence of frigidity, low libido, and helps increase the size of the breast.


Dietary supplement capsule containing herbal extracts.

Notification number: 20907/2018

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