Reproductive health, aging, face and body condition, emotions and happiness are all related to each other.

Healthy women’s reproductive organs has its mucous membrane intact, equilibrium of the vaginal flora, normal female sex hormones represent the natural defense system. All this protects against various bacteria and injuries. The tissues of the healthy reproductive system are pink, soft, fine-tinted, convex, fragrance, and their evaporation is pleasant.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, in women’s cases, the list of frequent infections of the reproductive system is leading the list. This rate reaches 80% for married women.

Research in modern science has shown that reproductive health problems arise from gynecological infections, reproductive tract toxins, premature ovarian failure, premature aging of women, and reduction of happiness. The unique physical structure of a female reproductive system during physiological cycles may cause a number of effects of minor or greater damage.

Menstruation, pregnancy, sexual life, ovulation, abortion and other effects have serious effects on the sensitive mucous membrane and during these, various bacteria attack, reduce or even destroy the natural defense function.

If we do not pay attention to the ongoing “maintenance”, gynecological infections may become recurrent, accidental odor-toxins accumulate. These damage the health of the ovaries, leading to endocrine disorders and early aging.

We have developed the “Victoria Secret Female Personal Care” product in mind with regard to the physical characteristics and body care of women.

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